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Why Choose Harris Supply Solutions For Your Steel Rebar Needs?

Harris Supply Solutions is part of the Harris Steel Group, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Nucor Corporation.  We utilize our scale, market intelligence, and alignment to get our customers quality steel rebar and steel remesh products at a competitive price. Check out our other rebar options epoxy coated rebar, fabricated rebar, black rebar, and coiled/spooled rebar, as well as our steel remesh options, black remesh, and expoxy coated remesh.


Think of HSSI as a financial services center; we help you manage risk, working capital, and we can provide credit (qualified) for your business needs.  With the backing of the financial strength of the Nucor Corporation, we have in-market inventories and can provide you with market insight to make better and more profitable business decisions.


Our goal is not to be all things to all people.  We focus on partnering with dealers, distributors, and fabricators throughout North America to provide the steel and concrete solutions you need.  All we do is rebar and remesh, so we better be good at it.

HSSI is focused solely on steel and concrete associated products, we deliver consistent quality, reliable service, competitive pricing and just-in-time service where you need it.


At HSSI you get knowledgeable, industry-savvy professionals who are focused on delivering innovative solutions and outstanding customer care.  Our focus on rebar and remesh allows our sellers to be experts in the industry and with hundreds of years of experience in the industry; they know the market, the product, and the customer.

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