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As a leading distributor of steel rebar and remesh, Harris Supply Solutions is experienced in working with customers throughout the construction industry. Our knowledge of concrete and steel is a huge benefit for anyone seeking advice about the best rebar or remesh for a particular application. As a wholesale distributor, we form long-term relationships with our customers. Our service model as a wholesale distributor is to sell rebar in half to full truckloads on a delivery basis, along with whatever fulfills your needs on a will call at our reloads. A truckload of rebar is 24 tons.

 Typically, our customers fall within these areas of construction:

Our customers use rebar and remesh products for many applications, including concrete flatwork, residential and commercial construction, infrastructures such as paving, retaining walls, bridges, and parking structures and more. To speak to a knowledgeable professional about your rebar or remesh needs, contact us today.

Harris Supply Solutions is a wholesale distributor for customers looking for a long-term partnership. Price quotes are only available to current account holders.
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